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hey Girl!

Align your business with your true purpose and position yourself to scale with the systems that actually work.

It’s time to fill in the gaps that are costing you

Have you been feeling like you've hit a plateau or feeling stuck in your business? Knowing there is so much more for you but you can't quite access it? My Aligned Strategy Coaching was created for women entrepreneurs who want to expand their confidence, mindset, and business to higher levels.


Hi! I’m Christina!

You're go-to gal for business strategy and growth planning!

Like so many women, I've always known that I wanted to be my own boss. I've always been one to do my own thing, and starting my own business came naturally. I leaped from my day job into a business of my own, and the biggest surprise ever, it was successful! So much so that I was able to scale it to the 6-figure more and beyond.


As amazing as growth can feel, I couldn't have done it without the proper systems and strategies to actually maintain the growth and keep it going. I want that for you too! You have big goals and dreams for your business too and you deserve to live your life by your own design!

Systems for Success!

Success is in the systems! With my help, we'll dive into your business logistics, identify any holes or gaps, and set in a system that will help you scale closer and closer to your profit goals.

In order to achieve any goal, you've got to have a plan and we're going to create a plan to help you reach your business because it's about dang time you do!

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The Support You’ve Been Looking For

You haven’t even tapped into your full potential as a powerhouse boss or the abundance that is waiting for you. I'm here to help you break past your mental barriers and start believing you can actually have success because let's be real, you deserve it!

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Ready to Thrive?

As a small business owner, I really needed some coaching on how to maximize my exposure and followers on Instagram. Christina has been a great coach. I have learned so much! Everything from how Instagram works, IG Lives, Reels, the importance of ‘My Brand’, and what I represent as an Entrepreneur. I am not just the products I represent. I am so much more! And it’s not just about the SALE, but the SOLUTION I provide. Thank you Christina!

Karen Jones

Client Love!


Get in touch!

Let's Chat! I want to get to know YOU and your GOALS!

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