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  • Christina Massey

How To Prevent Procrastination

As a business owner, it can be really hard to prevent procrastination, because unlike a job where there are deadlines and people making sure you remain on task, you pretty much make your own schedule when you own your business. This makes it really hard for some people to stay on task and get the things done that they want to.

Today, I want to give you three valuable tips that will help you eliminate procrastination, and help you get back on track so you can get the things done in your business that you need to!

Get Organized

When you’re organized, it allows you to stay productive and use your time the most efficiently that you possibly can. One of the biggest tips I can give you for getting organized in your business is to plan your day the night before.

What I like to do is take the last 15 minutes of my work day, sit down, and write out 3 things I have to get done the following day, as well as 2 other things I’d like to get done if I have the time. Then I order them from most important to least important.

This allows me to make sure that I am always getting my most important business tasks done first, just in case something comes up that pulls me away from work. Your goal should be to get the top 3 things done every day and don’t stop working until those things are complete!

Eliminate Distractions

Nothing will help you procrastinate like distractions, because that’s exactly what they are there to do! Things like your phone, the tv, and email are a few examples of the things that can pull you away from what you’re doing and make it tough for you to get back on track.

This is why I make sure my office has no tv in it, and when I’m working on my computer I specifically only keep the tabs open that I’m currently working on. This allows me to stay on task and make sure that I’m not doing things like checking email or shopping online when I know I should be working.

I also leave my phone in a different room. Nothing is more distracting than a phone, especially if you’ve got notifications going off every minute. It takes 23 minutes on average to get back on task after we’ve been distracted, so make sure that when it’s time to work you’re eliminating all the distractions around you.

Set Deadlines For Yourself

Finally, a good strategy as a business owner is to set self-imposed deadlines for yourself. As a business owner, it comes down to you to make sure that you’re doing the things you need to be doing every day to be successful, and that can be tough if you’ve never been in that situation before.

This goes back to the first step when I talked about getting organized. If you know that the tasks you’re doing need to be done by a certain time/day, then make sure you note that, and you don’t stop working till they’re done by that time.

If you know something like a deadline is coming up, then make sure these are the things you get done first. This is why I always suggest business owners have a planner or something they can write down their tasks in, that way they always stay on track, know what is due on a certain day, and keep it in front of them so they can always refer back to it.

Need Help Staying Organized?

If you follow these three tips I’ve laid out for you, you’ll find it much easier to stay organized and prevent procrastination because you have a plan to counteract it. However, maybe you need more help, like someone there to hold you accountable and give you advice and mentorship on how to best construct your days.

If so, then I invite you to book a FREE call with me, and I’d be happy to go over some more tips and strategies I’ve taught my clients that have made a huge impact in their productivity and results!

Book a FREE call HERE today!

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